Stargate SG-1

Session 19

While SG7 moved to a safe distance, they watched a tel’tak leave Kronos’ ship, followed by numerous death gliders, all taking up position away from the ha’tak. Planning to ring over to the tel’tak (under the presumption that Kronos himself would be aboard) they remained cloaked and headed for the contingent of ships. On their way over, they noticed yet another vessel decloaking. It was, while Goa’uld-looking in design, unlike any ship they’d ever seen. It approached the ha’tak and dispatched a smaller vessel, which went into one of the larger ship’s hangars. Leaving their three Jaf’fa devotees in charge (but with outgoing communications disabled) SG7 went over to the other tel’tak, arriving in the midst of four armed Jaf’fa. In the fight that ensued three Jaf’fa were killed and a fourth ran away. The team went through the vessel, encountering two more Jaf’fa, one which dropped his weapon and ran into the cockpit, locking the door behind him. Gar’i and Devero had, together, noticed enough of the door’s combination to open it. Once inside the fight began anew, with more Jaf’fa, and Kronos. While the battled went on for some time, SG7 eventually triumphed and, in a gruesome show of surgical expertise, Devero extracted the Goa’uld symbiote from its host. He put it in a holding jar with claymores attached. In the midst of the fracas Sam had noticed an incoming message. He intercepted the message and with Jethro’s help learned that the new arrival in the strange ship was none other than Selket, arriving to rescue Kronos’ ha’tak. Selket gave her assurances that the ship would be back in working order in two hours.

Eager to strike before Selket was prepared to welcome (and/or attack) Kronos, SG7 went to the ha’tak and landed in one of the hangars. They found the immediate level empty (aside from Ravek’s corpse) and went to the lower level, where they discovered only four people in the engineering room: Selket, a hired pilot, and the two human techs they had encountered previously. Interrupting their work on the ship’s systems, Gar’i tried to intimidate Selket and might have succeeded but just then Devero held up the jar containing Kronos and asked Selket if she’d like to join him. More violence erupted. After another round of fighting, SG7 killed the Goa’uld (or, rather, killed the host, allowing Devero to add to his growing symbiote collection). Selket’s pilot surrendered and talked up the uniqueness of the vessel she’d arrived in, explaining that she had barely escaped the rebellion on Lirake. Whereupon Gar’i proposed that he lay claim to the remnants of Kronos’ and Selket’s respective empires and use their amassed resources to fight the other system lords. Sam made off with an entire Goa’uld toolkit, complete with enough technology to guarantee him a promotion or two within the NID.

Session 18

The team travelled to the coordinates Berringer had given them and found Kronos’ ship. With the tel’tak cloaked, they used the ring transporter to go aboard the ha’tak. Once inside they found themselves in a spiral-shaped corridor that provided access to every level of the ship. They also met two Jaf’fa, killed them without delay, and relieved one of the corpses of its gauntlet (to control the rings later). Between their collective knowledge of Goa’uld vessels, SG7 surmised that they might be able to use the environmental control system to seal off areas of the ship and reduce the number of Jaf’fa they might face. Down a level, they found they control room they needed, but Devero wanted to first plant a claymore to fend off any approaching Jaf’fa. Unfortunately, it detonated as he tried to place it. The sound attracted three Jaf’fa straight away (one from the control room, two from down the corridor) and another fight ensued. After the team had battled two of the Jaf’fa, Gar’i used his imposing nature to question the third. Both Gar’i and Jethro impressed upon the remaining Jaf’fa that he should bow to Lord Ares, and it seemed to work. Devero tricked the ship’s systems into reacting as if to a series of hull breaches. He then used the gauntlet to open and the close the forcefields so the team could move about the vessel.

Before they left the control room, however, Gar’i asked Devero to search for a crew member named Ravek, whom he said was an undercover ash’rak of Nirrti’s in Kronos’ unwitting employ. They learned that Ravek was somewhere in the upper levels of the vessel. They went to the upper level where Gar’i again intimidated a Jaf’fa corridor guard. They learned that Kronos was on board and that Ravek was in a nearby lounge. They proceeded to the lounge, pressed two Jaf’fa there into taking their side, and fought with the ash’rak, dispensing entirely with pleasantries or diplomacy. Ravek, badly outnumbered, was quickly beaten but managed to produce a remote device which he activated. This appeared to activate a self-destruct sequence in the ha’tak and, although Devero took the device, the team had to make a run for it. (Jethro took a moment to knife Ravek, just to make sure he was dead.) They ran back to the transport rings, followed by Gar’i’s three new devotee Jaf’fa. All seven of them made it back to the tel’tak with, they guessed, five minutes to spare before detonation of Kronos’ ship.

Session 17

With Clyde remaining at the SCG for psychiatric evaluation, the rest of SG7 went with the three Tok’ra, intending to draw out Kronos. As Ketera explained, they hoped to accomplish a risky goal – to infiltrate Kronos’ ship and either kill him outright or sabotage the vessel. The Tok’ra had two tel’taks for the mission, and after discussing their options agreed to let SG7 take the more battered of the two and pose as a band of would-be traders. Ketera and the other Tok’ra would take the better (cloak-capable) tel’tak and rescue the team if necessary.

Planning to make a request to present their ‘prisoner’ in person (in the hopes of meeting Kronos) SG7 rendezvoused with another small vessel. They docked with this ship and invited Kronos’ prime (Vanyar) aboard. Sam found a discreet place to wait and Jethro tied Gar’i’s hands in a way that looked secure, but wasn’t. Armed, Devero and Jethro waited to greet Vanyar who came aboard with a man named Berringer. Oddly, enough, Vanyar’s crew consisted not of Jaf’fa troops, but hired mercenaries. Jethro made an attempt to request an audience with Kronos, but it didn’t go well and he fired at Vanyar instead. With violence thus assured, Devero ran for the cockpit while Gar’i shook off his false bindings. After some exchange of fire between everyone in the cargo section, Devero started the engines in the hopes of shearing apart the two ships. After accomplishing that, he turned the tel’tak around and bashed the other vehicle.

Having crippled Vanyar’s ship, SG7 shot the prime until he collapsed and, after that, Berringer surrendered. With two hostages secured, the team questioned their prisoners and, after promising Berringer the tel’tak they were currently flying, secured the location of Kronos’ ship. SG7 had the three Tok’ra swap tel’taks with them and stay behind to watch the prisoners, and to guard Berringer’s (seeming crippled) vessel while they tackled the next stage of their mission.

Session 16

Devero chased Mathis and Jessine down the trail but failed to tackle Mathis, despite his best efforts. When Devero shouted that they were going to steal the ship, Gar’i and Jethro started to join in the chase, but were interrupted by a stranger who stepped out into the trail, barring the way. The stranger tried to arrange a meeting between them and his employer, a bounty hunter named Kyan. Gar’i used the zat, rendering the stranger unconscious. Sam, meanwhile, doubled back at the sound of all the mayhem, rejoining Gar’i and Jethro as they started out again after Devero. They left Clyde to guard the prisoners.

Before anyone could catch up with Devero, he interrupted Jessine and Mathis who were, indeed, trying to take the ship. Mathis – inexplicably – told Devero that he was in danger and should leave with them. Playing along, Devero suggested the ship was booby trapped and volunteered to enter the vessel first. Instead, however, he keyed in a new security code, locking them all out of the ship. That task done, he started to run back up the trail to the relative safety of his teammates. Jessine threw a device after him that turned out to hold a recorded message.

Sam, Jethro and Gar’i had hardly rounded the first corner before they heard Clyde shouting. Abandoning Devero to whatever peril he faced, they returned to the site of their earlier misadventure to find two unconscious prisoners and no sign of Clyde other than drag marks left by his boots, and more prints that Sam identified as the same he’d seen earlier. They went in pursuit and Jethro thoughtfully left a staff weapon behind so that whichever of the prisoners came to first might kill the other. They went on to the tunnel entrance and then discovered the bounty hunter, Kyan, who was using Clyde as a hostage. Rather than negotiate, Gar’i shot Kyan (who tried to warn the others that Gar’i was actually the erstwhile system lord, Ares).

Devero, having happily discovered a staff weapon on the trail, caught up with the group and joined them in the tunnel. A wounded and defeated Kyan convinced Gar’i to let him go and left. The group encountered one more of Kyan’s employees, whom Devero distracted by throwing the recording device. The message played out for everyone to hear – a warning to Mathis, identifying Gar’i as, indeed, Ares, who had betrayed the Tok’ra and Tauri. The team dispatched the would-be bounty hunter without much fanfare, and proceeded to the stargate.

At long last back on Earth, the team was greeted by General Hammond (who promptly placed Clyde under arrest for assaulting a fellow officer, back before the jaunt to Lira-ke took place) and a Tok’ra named Ketera. Hammond and Ketera explained that while Gar’i was, in fact, Ares, he had not betrayed anyone. Another Tok’ra, Cordesh, had turned out to be the traitor and had sent Mathis the message which (lie that it was) spurred Mathis and Jessine to bolt. The Tok’ra, having arrested Cordesh, had to relocate, but had sent Ketera to assist the SGC. The computer malfunctions had resulted from nanites hitching a ride to the SCG, which had alerted Ottonis to Gar’i’s whereabouts. Ottonis had contacted Cordesh, and the two had plotted to turn Gar’i over to Kronos for the reward Kronos offered. Ketera explained that, with Kronos alerted to Gar’i’s whereabouts, that Kronos would pursue Gar’i all the way to Earth. Thought short-handed, the Tok’ra offered three of their operatives and a ship, along with a plan to use Gar’i as bait. The Tok’ra believe that the only safe course of action is to destroy Kronos before the old rivalry between him and Gar’i resumes.

Session 15

At Jessine and Mathis’ suggestion, SG7 flew to the nearby world, Hou Kainga. Along the way, Gar’i remembered seeing Sam walk away from Nyllum’s body. Since there was no technology to be found on the Goa’uld corpse, Gar’i thought Sam might have found something useful – in particular, a ribbon device – which would be useless to any but a Naquadah-sensitive individual. Gar’i sought out Sam to ask about the matter, but Sam insisted he found nothing whatsoever on the body. (This discussion went on at length and, at one point, Jethro observed Mathis eavesdropping on the two SG7 members.)

As they reached Hou Kainga, Jessine explained that the planet was 85% water and had some monstrously huge sea-creatures. As they flew in low over the water they could see a massive creature swimming near the surface. When they reached a landmass they spotted a village located within sight of the shore, but protected by a barrier of spears (positioned as if to fend off predators coming from the water). Gar’i, rather against Jessine’s advice, landed directly in the center of a small village, scattering panicked residents (whom Sam was quick to call ‘peasants’). Jethro and Mathis attempted to make peaceable introductions (Gar’i and Sam’s insults to the villagers’ simple-seeming culture did not exactly help) and finally the village elder agreed to speak with them if they would move the tel’tak parked amidst the village homes.

Once Gar’i moved the ship, the elder considered their request to be escorted to the planet’s stargate. (Jessine and Mathis had told SG7 that the gate was inside in inactive volcano, and difficult to reach by all accounts although neither of them had actually been there before. Selket used the world as a source of easily-mined Naquadah but, rather than take the trouble to enslave the small, local population, she sent crews via ship at regular intervals.) With an agreement reached, they flew to a large mountain sporting a deep crater. They left the ship at a switchback in a mountain trail, and the village elder started walking home without so much as a backward glance. Leaving it to Clyde to escort their Jaf’fa ‘guest’, the entire party started walking up the mountain, trusting that they would find the entrance to the lava tube that would eventually take them to the hidden stargate.

Midway up the trail an animal (some type of wild boar) was rooting around in the underbrush. Gar’i shot at it, prompting it to charge the group. In the ensuing fracas Sam slipped away (and found another suspicious ‘something’ in the woods to start tracking) and Mathis and Jessine started running back down the trail (perhaps in panic, but Devero was certain they were up to no good). Before long the crew managed to kill the boar, not knowing that Sam had followed his quarry some distance from the trail and had discovered it was not another boar, but some manner of human (or, at least, someone wearing boots).

Session 14

SG7 flew into Serquet in their stolen delivery vehicle. Following Jessine’s directions, they went to a 3-story building on a street filled with looters. The city was in bustling chaos, with fires and violence springing up in every quarter. Clyde dropped them off on the rooftop and flew away. As the team headed for the stairwell entrance, six civilians (2 armed with zats) clambered up a fire escape to confront them. A threat from Gar’i sent four back from whence they came, but two (one armed, the other not) followed them to the top landing in the stairwell (where a threat from Sam encouraged them to stay behind). The team could hear civilians breaking into the building and Jessine suggested they go straight to the basement, where she had anticipated meeting Mathis. At the ground floor, Devero rigged the door shut to forestall any interruption by the rioters. The team proceeded to the basement to find not the Tok’ra operative, but Nyllum who had been lying in wait. Rather than risk a drawn-out conversation, Gar’i opened fire. After a good deal of shooting the team killed the Goa’uld noble but were then surprised by the arrival of a young Jaf’fa guard who grabbed Jessine and attempted to take her hostage.

The team wasted no time in shooting the Jaf’fa until they were able to subdue him and take him prisoner. With the city in ferment, the guard agreed to go with them and aid their acquisition of a vessel from the nearby shipyard. Back up to the roof, Gar’i shot the zat-wielding civilian for taking a pot-shot at him in the stairwell (the other looter flung himself from the roof in a panic). The team piled into the cargo vessel and headed for the shipyards, noting an ornate space-worthy vessel atop the palace as they flew through the city. The Jaf’fa asked the team why the Tauri would ally themselves with Ares, particularly when Ares’ sworn enemy Kronos had put such a high price on his head; the team scoffed and said Gar’i was just a Tok’ra. In the shipyard, the Jaf’fa directed them to a working tel’tak and SG7, joined by Jessine, Mathis and the sullen guard, left Lira-ke.

Session 13

While Sam, Devero, and Gar’i were relieved of their weapons and escorted to a third-floor holding cell (quite technically, a room in the barracks), Jethro prowled invisibly to the fourth floor for a look around. Devero applied himself to pounding on the door and shouting to keep guards distracted (and/or annoyed). Clyde, meanwhile, piloted the delivery vessel to a safe distance in the forest. At the upper floor’s staircase entrance, Jethro found two unconscious Jaf’fa. He watched a nicely dressed woman walk around the balcony to the guards at the opposite stairwell entrance. She spoke with one, reaching out to touch his arm – whereupon he collapsed. When his colleague knelt to examine him, the woman touched that Jaf’fa on the shoulder and he also collapsed. Jethro watched over the balcony as the woman went down to the second floor. There she called for that floor’s guards. Six Jaf’fa followed her through a doorway. Minutes later the woman came back out, this time without the Jaf’fa but with a middle-aged woman and four younger people, all whom scattered to approach guards and, through innocuous and subtle efforts, rendered them all unconscious.

Back on the third floor, Jethro went into the guard station, planning to recover his teammates’ weapons. A single Jaf’fa sat at the table in the guard station. Jethro picked up a staff and fired it at the Jaf’fa who leapt up and backed out of the room. When a second Jaf’fa came to investigate, they traded guesses about the truth of ‘Lord Ares’, spoke of witchcraft, and locked the door, leaving Jethro inside to pick the lock. Meanwhile, Devero kept hammering on the door and Gar’i threw a chair through the window, planning to climb up to a higher floor. Sam used the remaining chair to block the door. Having overestimated his ability or the structure’s exterior handholds, Gar’i was unable to climb. He slipped, caught the windowsill, and hung there long enough for Sam walk over and say ‘whoops’ when Gar’i fell. Gar’i landed on the paved courtyard below, relatively unharmed. Jethro unlocked the door in time to see the two women stepping over more unconscious Jaf’fa into the holding cell. He joined Sam and Devero and a quick round of introductions revealed the women to be Jessine, a priestess of Selket’s (next in line to serve as host), and Brista, Azul’s wife. The two women had agreed to work together if a chance for mutual escape ever presented itself. They explained that they had a shuttle in an underground hangar, but that the compound’s last line of defense would be a problem – they hadn’t yet incapacitated the Jaf’fa captain (Eliyar) and the last two guards, all on the roof with the anti-aircraft gun.

While Brista went to organize the escape, Jessine accompanied the team (joined by Gar’i) to the roof. There, Jethro rolled a flash-bang toward the Jaf’fa manning the anti-aircraft gun, and Gar’i stepped out to start shooting. While Gar’i and the Jaf’fa traded fire, Sam snuck out on the roof and Eliyar left his post on the roof’s corner, but ordered the other guard to remain on the far corner (where the guard was watching the jungle intently). Devero went to brazenly sabotage the anti-aircraft gun in plain view and Jessine helpfully killed the guard manning the gun after Sam and Gar’i had shot him several times. Gar’i bull-rushed the guard at the battlements, launching him off the roof, and then intimidated Eliyar into surrendering. At Jethro and Jessine’s suggestion, they locked Eliyar into a cell, rather than throw him to his death. Jessine approached Gar’i and explained Brista’s plan to meet up with relatives west of Serquet, at which point Azul would start the revolution in the city. Then Jessine added that she needed transport into the city itself to rescue someone who worked in the palace. She had fallen in love with Mathis, the undercover Tokra operative, and had learned the Selket had discovered his identity and planned to execute him during the upcoming festival. Gar’i agreed that SG7 would take her back to the city, and she left to help Brista. Before leaving, she warned that Serquet stargate would have twice the guards during the festival and be protected by a pulse cannon.

The team radioed Clyde who told them that he’d seen another small transport set down in the jungle. They told Clyde to pick them up on the roof and Devero and Gar’i prepared to move the anti-aircraft gun for use in their delivery vessel. As Clyde landed, another vessel emerged from the trees. They shot it down and, as it crashed, saw Nyllum’s symbol emblazoned on the hull. The craft, which they guessed might contain the ashrak, Gavryl (who had infiltrated the SGC), went down in flames.

Session 12

Azul was able to provide the team with information about a small supply transport that made routine trips to Selket’s compound. While no other air vessels could approach the area without taking fire, the supply vehicle would be able to land without getting any extra attention. In preparation for Selket’s return, the delivery crew landed in the plaza behind the palace to stock up on foodstuffs. Devero taught Jethro how to manage the aircraft’s basic controls so that they could forestall the delivery crew’s departure. With invisible-Jethro standing ready in the cockpit, the rest of the team barged aboard. Devero declared that “my lord Ares wishes to take a tour!” and demanded the crew relinquish the vessel. One of four delivery personnel was in the palace, another obligingly left. While the remaining two balked, Devero said that whichever one killed the other would be allowed to live. Without delay, the co-pilot bashed the pilot over the head with a wrench. As a reward for this barbarism, Devero gave the co-pilot his gold bracelet (in exchange for the latter’s silver) and sent him away. The team took off, heading straight for Selket’s compound, affording the badly injured pilot enough first aid to keep him alive. During the flight, Sam and Devero concocted some incendiary devices with cooking oil from the crates. On approach, they spotted five Jaf’fa on the roof and were instructed to “land in the usual place.” Devero roused their prisoner to ask where to land and found out that the delivery crew normally set down behind the four-story building, near the garden.

Once on the ground, Devero distracted the servants by demanding help for the injured pilot (whom he dragged out into their midst). Clyde stayed with the cargo vessel while invisible-Jethro went indoors. Heedless of Jethro’s attempt at covert infiltration, Gar’i strode in, through the kitchen, and into a corridor on the main floor. To the first Jaf’fa he saw, he demanded their worship…which started an immediate fire fight. While Jethro and Gar’i fought the Jaf’fa they caught the attention of two more guards in the nearest stairwell. Sam and Devero left the clamoring servants outdoors and ventured in. Sam joined Gar’i in the corridor while Devero pitched a glass bottle of oil at another pair of Jaf’fa guards. After a considerable exchange of attacks (and Devero setting a Jaf’fa on fire) the team surrendered – or, seemingly surrendered. Jethro, still invisible, went un-apprehended and radioed Clyde to explain the situation and plan a rescue of Azul’s family, and of Sam, Gar’i, and Devero.

Session 11

Back at the SGC, the computer and security systems remained intermittently operative, with the stargate still open to an unidentified address. Kentis, equipped with a variety of technological devices (some of his own design, some appropriated from the base), planned to go through the gate to lend assistance to SG7. He located Jethro and offered to take him along in search of his teammates, promising that he had a device to make them both invisible. Jethro agreed to go.

On Lira-ke, the female intruder from the SGC continued her tug-of-war with Devero as both sought to claim Ottonis. Sam used this distraction to make his way to some trees and conceal himself. The Jaf’fa watched with interest as Gar’i tried to give them orders and the woman shot at him. Throughout, the tug-of-war went on until finally Gar’i shot Ottonis, knocking him unconscious. With their erstwhile prisoner so much dead weight, Devero shoved the Goa’uld back through the gate.

On the heels of this mayhem, Selket’s Prime, Azul, arrived and demanded an explanation. (Unbeknownst to SG7, the Jaf’fa, and everyone else on Lira-ke, Kentis and Jethro arrived at this point.) Gar’i introduced himself yet again as Ares, a point upon which the woman who had tried to abduct Ottonis said “he may be Ares, but he’s made awfully good friends with the Tauri.” Then she complained to Azul that the lot of them had cost her her prisoner and that Nyllum wouldn’t be pleased with the lost bounty. She marched away, then, and both Azul and the Jaf’fa let her go without another word. Gar’i explained that he had infiltrated the Tauri, and that those present were his entourage. Azul, after considering this, welcomed Gar’i and told him that he had arrived just in time for the festival but that Selket was still a day or two from arriving. He offered Gar’i and his entourage the best accommodations the palace could offer, and presented Gar’i with three gold bracelets – enough for Gar’i, Clyde, and Devero. Gar’i requested a fourth bracelet for Sam and sent Clyde to find their missing teammate.

With the team mostly accounted for, Gar’i and his ‘entourage’ followed Azul through the city of Serquet to the palace. Jethro, invisible and having lost track of the equally invisible Kentis, followed the team. At the palace, a very deferential Azul assigned an impressive suite to Gar’i and a neighboring, but less grand, suite to Devero, Clyde, and Sam. Once the Prime had gone, Devero set up a noise-generator so they could speak freely and, at this stage, Jethro turned off his invisibility device and explained his arrival on Lira-ke and how Kentis was on the planet also, but he didn’t know where. Gar’i joined the group and explained to them that the golden bracelets meant they would be safe from capture and execution during the upcoming festival (he stressed the importance of this point to Jethro, who didn’t have one). Shortly after Gar’i’s joining them, the group was were interrupted by a servant offering a tour of the palace. As Gar’i knew that his people generally had an undercover operative on Lira-ke, he accepted.

Jethro used this opportunity to make his invisible way back to the Stargate where he attempted to send a report back to the SGC. He was not able to ascertain if he succeeded however, possibly owing to the technical problems that were plaguing the SGC when he left.
Back at the palace, the group (minus invisible Jethro) went along with the servant for the tour. Partway through, Gar’i asked if they could also tour the shipyards. When the servant didn’t know, Gar’i insisted she find out. The tour stopped and the team found themselves in a waiting room. Several servants bustled through, some on errands, others to pilfer pastries from the sideboard. An individual well-dressed enough to be a clerk stopped to stare at Gar’i until Devero loaded a plate of pastries for him and sent him away.

Jethro, on his way back to rejoin the group, overheard a man in rather ornate clothes talking to Azul at the palace entrance. Mr. Fancy-Pants told Azul that “if that’s truly Ares, then you should know that Kronos has put a price on his head.” Jethro went on from there to find the group, rejoining them just as their original servant-tour-guide returned to escort them to someone who might arrange a shipyard tour. That someone turned out to be the clerk Devero had just intimidated. He introduced himself as Mathis and, after a moment, he and Gar’i admitted they knew each other. Mathis was, in fact, the Tok’ra operative. He had maintained his cover for years and currently worked as Selket’s personal clerk, overseeing all the murder contracts that came through her office. He was waiting for the inevitable day when Selket discovered the location of the Tok’ra, when he would have to risk his own safety to send them a warning. Gar’i explained how they arrived on Lira-ke and Jethro revealed himself to share his revelation from the palace entrance.

Mathis asked about the visitor and, from Jethro’s description, identified him as a Goa’uld noble, Nyllum – whose ashrak, Gavryl, was the one who’d been sneaking around the SGC. Mathis said that Nyllum was ruthlessly ambitious and surely eager to collect both the reward and prestige for handing Gar’i over to Kronos. He added that escaping Lira-ke would be difficult at best, but that they might enlist Azul’s help. The First Prime, like everyone in Selket’s innermost circle, lived under severe threat from the Goa’uld’s paranoia. Selket, to insure Azul’s loyalty, had taken his children and grandchildren to live under her ‘protection’ at her secret base 120 miles south of the city. Mathis felt certain that, should SG7 help Azul’s family escape to safety, the First Prime would do anything to aid their own efforts in overthrowing Selket and/or securing their own freedom.

Session 10

After a few days’ downtime at Stargate Command, Gar’i was sent by General Hammond to talk to Ottonis, who had refused to speak to anyone but him. Over the course of two separate conversations, Ottonis asked Gar’i for help in escaping back to Tarsun’s Wheel, first trying to bargain by promising to keep the secret of Gar’i’s true identity and then by offering information about a threat to the SGC. In between these visits, Gar’i spoke with Devero about the possibility of killing the prisoner – in the best interests of defending their allies, the Tauri. On Gar’i’s second encounter with Ottonis, while he refused again to help the prisoner, the Tokra thought he sensed the presence of another Goa’uld outside the prisoner’s cell. Out in the corridor, Gar’i shot in the direction he’d sensed the other Goa’uld. He seemed to strike nothing and a second later the hall guard went reeling, as though shoved by an unseen assailant.

Meanwhile, Sam approached Kentis about some recovered Tollan technology. Though Sam posed as someone named ‘Hal Dooley’, Kentis eventually saw through Sam’s ruse and alerted Jethro and Clyde to the fact that Sam was not being forthcoming with him. Kentis, who had stolen a lot of low-level technology from the base to build devices to replace his lost possessions, shared a startling revelation. He had detected a threat (and possible intruder) with some of his jury-rigged devices, but wasn’t sure if the readings were accurate due to the low quality of the technology he had to work with. While they were wrangling with these matters an alarm sounded and Gar’i announced over the PA that there was an intruder.

Sam, Clyde, Jethro and Kentis started for the control room, noticing that the doors (normally closed by the security system during an alarm) all stood open. When they got there, General Hammond explained that some kind of computer malfunction had compromised the security system. In the gateroom, the Stargate opened, dialed by someone within the base with an override device. Devero went to the gateroom while, levels below, Gar’i doubled back to Ottonis’ cell. Their prisoner was gone. Up in the control room, Clyde order a technician to close the gate and, when the technician failed to do so, Clyde threatened them with a gun. While General Hammond ordered Clyde to stand down, Devero sent the gateroom guard to get ammunition for one of the tripod guns. The guard didn’t return. The next person through the gateroom door was a Goa’uld woman, bringing Ottonis along as her prisoner. She managed to intimidate Devero and made her way up the ramp. Gar’i arrived in time to shoot at her. Before long, all of SG7 was on the scene. Devero tried to pull Ottonis free of the Goa’uld intruder’s grasp, but she wrenched Ottonis away and flung him into the event horizon. Devero charged in after Ottonis. Jethro, Sam, Clyde, and Gar’i tried to fight the Gao’uld, but to no avail. Sam, Clyde, and Gar’i eventually went through the gate as well. Jethro remained behind and realized that he not seen Kentis since the mayhem started.

Sam, Clyde, and Devero realized they were standing in a manicured city park, facing 10 armed Jaf’fa. Gar’i recognized it as Lira-ke, Selket’s homeworld, and ordered the Jaf’fa to “stand down in the name of Ares.”


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