Stargate SG-1

Session 10

After a few days’ downtime at Stargate Command, Gar’i was sent by General Hammond to talk to Ottonis, who had refused to speak to anyone but him. Over the course of two separate conversations, Ottonis asked Gar’i for help in escaping back to Tarsun’s Wheel, first trying to bargain by promising to keep the secret of Gar’i’s true identity and then by offering information about a threat to the SGC. In between these visits, Gar’i spoke with Devero about the possibility of killing the prisoner – in the best interests of defending their allies, the Tauri. On Gar’i’s second encounter with Ottonis, while he refused again to help the prisoner, the Tokra thought he sensed the presence of another Goa’uld outside the prisoner’s cell. Out in the corridor, Gar’i shot in the direction he’d sensed the other Goa’uld. He seemed to strike nothing and a second later the hall guard went reeling, as though shoved by an unseen assailant.

Meanwhile, Sam approached Kentis about some recovered Tollan technology. Though Sam posed as someone named ‘Hal Dooley’, Kentis eventually saw through Sam’s ruse and alerted Jethro and Clyde to the fact that Sam was not being forthcoming with him. Kentis, who had stolen a lot of low-level technology from the base to build devices to replace his lost possessions, shared a startling revelation. He had detected a threat (and possible intruder) with some of his jury-rigged devices, but wasn’t sure if the readings were accurate due to the low quality of the technology he had to work with. While they were wrangling with these matters an alarm sounded and Gar’i announced over the PA that there was an intruder.

Sam, Clyde, Jethro and Kentis started for the control room, noticing that the doors (normally closed by the security system during an alarm) all stood open. When they got there, General Hammond explained that some kind of computer malfunction had compromised the security system. In the gateroom, the Stargate opened, dialed by someone within the base with an override device. Devero went to the gateroom while, levels below, Gar’i doubled back to Ottonis’ cell. Their prisoner was gone. Up in the control room, Clyde order a technician to close the gate and, when the technician failed to do so, Clyde threatened them with a gun. While General Hammond ordered Clyde to stand down, Devero sent the gateroom guard to get ammunition for one of the tripod guns. The guard didn’t return. The next person through the gateroom door was a Goa’uld woman, bringing Ottonis along as her prisoner. She managed to intimidate Devero and made her way up the ramp. Gar’i arrived in time to shoot at her. Before long, all of SG7 was on the scene. Devero tried to pull Ottonis free of the Goa’uld intruder’s grasp, but she wrenched Ottonis away and flung him into the event horizon. Devero charged in after Ottonis. Jethro, Sam, Clyde, and Gar’i tried to fight the Gao’uld, but to no avail. Sam, Clyde, and Gar’i eventually went through the gate as well. Jethro remained behind and realized that he not seen Kentis since the mayhem started.

Sam, Clyde, and Devero realized they were standing in a manicured city park, facing 10 armed Jaf’fa. Gar’i recognized it as Lira-ke, Selket’s homeworld, and ordered the Jaf’fa to “stand down in the name of Ares.”


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