Stargate SG-1

Session 12

Azul was able to provide the team with information about a small supply transport that made routine trips to Selket’s compound. While no other air vessels could approach the area without taking fire, the supply vehicle would be able to land without getting any extra attention. In preparation for Selket’s return, the delivery crew landed in the plaza behind the palace to stock up on foodstuffs. Devero taught Jethro how to manage the aircraft’s basic controls so that they could forestall the delivery crew’s departure. With invisible-Jethro standing ready in the cockpit, the rest of the team barged aboard. Devero declared that “my lord Ares wishes to take a tour!” and demanded the crew relinquish the vessel. One of four delivery personnel was in the palace, another obligingly left. While the remaining two balked, Devero said that whichever one killed the other would be allowed to live. Without delay, the co-pilot bashed the pilot over the head with a wrench. As a reward for this barbarism, Devero gave the co-pilot his gold bracelet (in exchange for the latter’s silver) and sent him away. The team took off, heading straight for Selket’s compound, affording the badly injured pilot enough first aid to keep him alive. During the flight, Sam and Devero concocted some incendiary devices with cooking oil from the crates. On approach, they spotted five Jaf’fa on the roof and were instructed to “land in the usual place.” Devero roused their prisoner to ask where to land and found out that the delivery crew normally set down behind the four-story building, near the garden.

Once on the ground, Devero distracted the servants by demanding help for the injured pilot (whom he dragged out into their midst). Clyde stayed with the cargo vessel while invisible-Jethro went indoors. Heedless of Jethro’s attempt at covert infiltration, Gar’i strode in, through the kitchen, and into a corridor on the main floor. To the first Jaf’fa he saw, he demanded their worship…which started an immediate fire fight. While Jethro and Gar’i fought the Jaf’fa they caught the attention of two more guards in the nearest stairwell. Sam and Devero left the clamoring servants outdoors and ventured in. Sam joined Gar’i in the corridor while Devero pitched a glass bottle of oil at another pair of Jaf’fa guards. After a considerable exchange of attacks (and Devero setting a Jaf’fa on fire) the team surrendered – or, seemingly surrendered. Jethro, still invisible, went un-apprehended and radioed Clyde to explain the situation and plan a rescue of Azul’s family, and of Sam, Gar’i, and Devero.


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