Stargate SG-1

Session 13

While Sam, Devero, and Gar’i were relieved of their weapons and escorted to a third-floor holding cell (quite technically, a room in the barracks), Jethro prowled invisibly to the fourth floor for a look around. Devero applied himself to pounding on the door and shouting to keep guards distracted (and/or annoyed). Clyde, meanwhile, piloted the delivery vessel to a safe distance in the forest. At the upper floor’s staircase entrance, Jethro found two unconscious Jaf’fa. He watched a nicely dressed woman walk around the balcony to the guards at the opposite stairwell entrance. She spoke with one, reaching out to touch his arm – whereupon he collapsed. When his colleague knelt to examine him, the woman touched that Jaf’fa on the shoulder and he also collapsed. Jethro watched over the balcony as the woman went down to the second floor. There she called for that floor’s guards. Six Jaf’fa followed her through a doorway. Minutes later the woman came back out, this time without the Jaf’fa but with a middle-aged woman and four younger people, all whom scattered to approach guards and, through innocuous and subtle efforts, rendered them all unconscious.

Back on the third floor, Jethro went into the guard station, planning to recover his teammates’ weapons. A single Jaf’fa sat at the table in the guard station. Jethro picked up a staff and fired it at the Jaf’fa who leapt up and backed out of the room. When a second Jaf’fa came to investigate, they traded guesses about the truth of ‘Lord Ares’, spoke of witchcraft, and locked the door, leaving Jethro inside to pick the lock. Meanwhile, Devero kept hammering on the door and Gar’i threw a chair through the window, planning to climb up to a higher floor. Sam used the remaining chair to block the door. Having overestimated his ability or the structure’s exterior handholds, Gar’i was unable to climb. He slipped, caught the windowsill, and hung there long enough for Sam walk over and say ‘whoops’ when Gar’i fell. Gar’i landed on the paved courtyard below, relatively unharmed. Jethro unlocked the door in time to see the two women stepping over more unconscious Jaf’fa into the holding cell. He joined Sam and Devero and a quick round of introductions revealed the women to be Jessine, a priestess of Selket’s (next in line to serve as host), and Brista, Azul’s wife. The two women had agreed to work together if a chance for mutual escape ever presented itself. They explained that they had a shuttle in an underground hangar, but that the compound’s last line of defense would be a problem – they hadn’t yet incapacitated the Jaf’fa captain (Eliyar) and the last two guards, all on the roof with the anti-aircraft gun.

While Brista went to organize the escape, Jessine accompanied the team (joined by Gar’i) to the roof. There, Jethro rolled a flash-bang toward the Jaf’fa manning the anti-aircraft gun, and Gar’i stepped out to start shooting. While Gar’i and the Jaf’fa traded fire, Sam snuck out on the roof and Eliyar left his post on the roof’s corner, but ordered the other guard to remain on the far corner (where the guard was watching the jungle intently). Devero went to brazenly sabotage the anti-aircraft gun in plain view and Jessine helpfully killed the guard manning the gun after Sam and Gar’i had shot him several times. Gar’i bull-rushed the guard at the battlements, launching him off the roof, and then intimidated Eliyar into surrendering. At Jethro and Jessine’s suggestion, they locked Eliyar into a cell, rather than throw him to his death. Jessine approached Gar’i and explained Brista’s plan to meet up with relatives west of Serquet, at which point Azul would start the revolution in the city. Then Jessine added that she needed transport into the city itself to rescue someone who worked in the palace. She had fallen in love with Mathis, the undercover Tokra operative, and had learned the Selket had discovered his identity and planned to execute him during the upcoming festival. Gar’i agreed that SG7 would take her back to the city, and she left to help Brista. Before leaving, she warned that Serquet stargate would have twice the guards during the festival and be protected by a pulse cannon.

The team radioed Clyde who told them that he’d seen another small transport set down in the jungle. They told Clyde to pick them up on the roof and Devero and Gar’i prepared to move the anti-aircraft gun for use in their delivery vessel. As Clyde landed, another vessel emerged from the trees. They shot it down and, as it crashed, saw Nyllum’s symbol emblazoned on the hull. The craft, which they guessed might contain the ashrak, Gavryl (who had infiltrated the SGC), went down in flames.


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