Stargate SG-1

Session 14

SG7 flew into Serquet in their stolen delivery vehicle. Following Jessine’s directions, they went to a 3-story building on a street filled with looters. The city was in bustling chaos, with fires and violence springing up in every quarter. Clyde dropped them off on the rooftop and flew away. As the team headed for the stairwell entrance, six civilians (2 armed with zats) clambered up a fire escape to confront them. A threat from Gar’i sent four back from whence they came, but two (one armed, the other not) followed them to the top landing in the stairwell (where a threat from Sam encouraged them to stay behind). The team could hear civilians breaking into the building and Jessine suggested they go straight to the basement, where she had anticipated meeting Mathis. At the ground floor, Devero rigged the door shut to forestall any interruption by the rioters. The team proceeded to the basement to find not the Tok’ra operative, but Nyllum who had been lying in wait. Rather than risk a drawn-out conversation, Gar’i opened fire. After a good deal of shooting the team killed the Goa’uld noble but were then surprised by the arrival of a young Jaf’fa guard who grabbed Jessine and attempted to take her hostage.

The team wasted no time in shooting the Jaf’fa until they were able to subdue him and take him prisoner. With the city in ferment, the guard agreed to go with them and aid their acquisition of a vessel from the nearby shipyard. Back up to the roof, Gar’i shot the zat-wielding civilian for taking a pot-shot at him in the stairwell (the other looter flung himself from the roof in a panic). The team piled into the cargo vessel and headed for the shipyards, noting an ornate space-worthy vessel atop the palace as they flew through the city. The Jaf’fa asked the team why the Tauri would ally themselves with Ares, particularly when Ares’ sworn enemy Kronos had put such a high price on his head; the team scoffed and said Gar’i was just a Tok’ra. In the shipyard, the Jaf’fa directed them to a working tel’tak and SG7, joined by Jessine, Mathis and the sullen guard, left Lira-ke.


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