Stargate SG-1

Session 9

With General Hammond’s apologies, SG7 went right back out into the field after dropping off Ottonis at Stargate Command. With several other teams on missions and the Himmelites still at the SCG, there wasn’t enough manpower to undertake the rescue of Kentis (whose well-being was Hammond’s great concern). Still fostering the hope of a Tollan alliance, Hammond sent SG7 with orders to do everything possible and with only a single clue from Ottonis’ interrogation: the Goa’uld had left his hostage in some kind of underground maintenance facility. Upon returning to Tarsun’s Wheel, Sam was unable to find any additional chambers in the Gatehouse and Devero remembered the conversation with Ruvane and how she’d mentioned Ottonis’ work in their maintenance bunker. He suggested returning to Braer’in.

The team took the native aircraft back to Braer’in, landing some hours later, and avoided a diplomatic incident thanks to Jethro’s efforts. Ruvane, though not happy about Ottonis’ extradition, escorted them to a barren region outside Braer’in and unlocked the maintenance facility there. Devero was careful to note her security code for later use and she warned them against activating anything inside the structure, explaining that there was some risk of radiation exposure. Once inside, Sam made short work of following a blood trail to a large, darkened room where Gar’i’s expertly-thrown glowstick revealed Kentis lying unconscious in a pool of blood. When the team went into the room, however, they triggered a trap left by the Goa’uld. The door sealed behind them and an electrical current was released through the floor. Everyone but Jethro escaped harm, though no one was seriously injured. Devero stabilized Kentis and Gar’i applied 3 lbs of C4 to the door without getting it open. Eventually Sam and Clyde located an emergency exit, through which Jethro discovered a briar-overgrown escape route. After cutting a path through the briars, SG7 emerged triumphant from the facility and returned to the aircraft.

Clyde made it clear to Ruvane that the SGC would not likely play a role in repairing the damage done to the facility and that Ottonis would remain prisoner. Though not hostile upon receiving this news, Ruvane was not exactly pleased. (Jethro did make some efforts to smooth things over.) After giving everyone time to rest, the team returned to Earth. Hammond, very pleased with the successful rescue, greeted them with the news that a Goa’uld named Fezatte had contacted the SGC to inquire about Ottonis. Fezatte claimed that the SGC had a mole (in explaining how he knew about Ottonis) and requested an audience with Hammond. Along with this news, Hammond told Gar’i that Ottonis had asked to speak with him specifically.

Session 8

SG7 met briefly with General Hammond to give their report on Tarsun’s Wheel and deliver the Himmelites (who had been remanded to the Diplomatic Corps), and Hammond sent them back straightaway to lend aid to Kentis in the hopes of establishing friendlier relations with the Tollan people in general. Upon their return the Gate House at Tarsun’s Wheel, however, they found Kentis’ satchel lying on the ground, next to the word “trade” written in Goa’uld, in blood. Also in blood was a symbol that Jethro recognized as a stylized rendition of the symbol for Ares. Sam detected an air current coming from an ill-hidden secret passage and led the team downstairs to a small hangar. A few small aircraft of indeterminate origin were parked there, and Gar’i volunteered to pilot one. The team went ‘north’ (directly over the ocean, rather than back over the ground they’d covered during their initial visit) and eventually discovered a landmass with a more modern city than any they’d found yet on the Wheel.

Landing in the city of Brear-in, they met civic leader, Ruvane, who was an elected official of yet another group of Kamari (these being more technologically advanced than those on Primus). She explained that Ottonis was a Goa’uld who lived on a nearby island and who had a cooperative relationship with her people, in spite of (or because of) the fact that Tarsun’s Wheel had the capability to eradicate a Goa’uld symbiote. She compared this technology to that known as Thor’s Hammer, but did not have firsthand knowledge on the matter, as Ottonis had not given them reason to test the technology. Ottonis, unpopular with his fellow Goa’uld for reasons she did not know, had been ‘hiding out’ at Tarsun’s Wheel for a long time. He agreed not to trouble the Kamari and they agreed not to activate the symbiote-killing device. She said that her people had been brought to the Wheel generations ago by ‘the benefactors.’ Though she offered to accompany the team to Ottonis’ dwelling and serve as a liaison, they declined.

The team located Ottonis’ island home without delay and approached him. Put off by the Goa’uld’s arrogance, they attacked him. After a great deal of back-and-forth fighting and the use of a claymore, the team managed to subdue Ottonis and took him prisoner. He insisted that they had a traitor in their midst, but they did not investigate the claim. They were unable to find Kentis on the premises, though Ottonis had been carrying some of the Tollan’s technology. The team returned to the Gate House to hand Ottonis over to the SGC, with plans to return to the Wheel to search for Kentis.

Session 7

Stargate Command sent an advance operative to Tarsun’s Wheel to make an initial investigation prior to sending an entire team. The operative discovered it to be a Dyson’s Sphere, with a stargate and DHD housed in a structure on a continent that SGC dubbed “Primus.” After an initial survey revealed a feudal-type humanoid race (the Kamari) and an industrial-age reptilian race (the Miyori), General Hammond assigned SG7 to make official first contact. Ordered to learn what they could without alarming the locals, SG7 arrived at Tarsun’s Wheel only to discover another explorer already there. This explorer, Kentis, greeted them civilly but declined to share his background or reason for being on Tarsun’s Wheel. (Gar’i and Devero did piece together that Kentis was a Tollan, a race known for their advanced technology and great reluctance to share technological advances with other civilizations.)

Though he would not tell them the reasons for his being there, Kentis did explain that he’d heard some troubling rumors about problems on the Miyori border. He planned to investigate the matter and invited SG7 to accompany him. They travelled through two Kamari villages (one agricultural, the other a fishing village near a river), and Kentis convinced a village elder in the second village to let the entire team stay in his house for the night. SG7 tried to learn more about Kamarian culture from the village elder, but the old man was evasive. Devero took it upon himself to recruit Sam to help him drug and study their host in the middle of the night. Discovered by Kentis in the middle of this misadventure, Devero was completely unapologetic (though he had learned, at least, that the villagers were ordinary humans).

The following day, the team reached Miyori territory and were invited by an official to travel via automobile to their distant shoreline where an unknown watercraft had been sighted. Gar’i offered to drive the primitive vehicle and during the journey Kentis admitted that he had been sent by his people to investigate a fugitive believed to be somewhere on Tarsun’s Wheel. Upon reached the shoreline, however, the team spotted a distant, inflatable raft with half a dozen passengers. Interestingly, the raft had a swastika on the side. Kentis said that, whoever these people were, none were the fugitive he sought. The team went out in a boat to speak with the “space Nazis” – as the Miyori were apprehensive about approaching these strangers.

In a triumph of diplomacy, SG7 befriended the Nazis and learned from them that Tarsun’s Wheel had a second stargate (but this one lacked a DHD). The travelers were descendants from armies sent by Hitler to a planet they later dubbed “Himmel.” During WWII, Germany had possession of Earth’s stargate and learned to use it. By accident they succeeded in dialing up a distant planet, but didn’t realize that the gate could provide access to countless other worlds as well. Believing it was a single-address portal, they sent troops in search of better weapons only to discover a Goa’uld on “Himmel.” While the German forces eventually triumphed over the Goa’uld, they were under strict orders to not reopen the gate until they heard from the Fuhrer. They never did, and only generations later did they try dialing a different address. Tarsun’s Wheel was their first foray away from home, and this particular team had been stranded for months.

SG7 escorted the Himmelites to the stargate on Primus, and went through themselves to make a report on their progress so far. Before leaving, Gar’i learned from Kentis that the Tollan was searching for a rogue Goa’uld on the Wheel, and also that he had told the Kamari not to tell anyone about their ancestry, in case others (specifically, Goa’uld) came through the gate in the meantime. Kentis agreed to wait at the ‘gate house’ on Primus until SG7’s return.

Session 6

Session 6

The team accepted High Father Kamal’s invitation to go to the stronghold for a meal. Once there, Kamal was proud to display some battery-powered lanterns that he had traded with a traveler. Most of the team declined to eat (for fear of the food being irradiated, though Clyde diplomatically explained it was for religious reasons), but Gar’i helped himself to the food.

Servants came and went, but Kamal’s elder son, Daud, was nowhere to be seen. The team learned from Kamal that no one in recorded history had mentioned gods fitting the Goa’ulds’ description, but Kamal did describe a trader named J’hata that had landed a spaceship on their world. According to Kamal, J’hata had left a few seasons back. When Clyde insisted on seeing Daud, Kamal offered to go upstairs and request his son’s presence (the High Father asked them to excuse his son’s rudeness). After a while, the team could hear a quarrel between father and son upstairs. More interestingly, however, they heard footsteps from the stronghold entrance though they could see no one there. Clyde, Sam, Jethro, Gar’i and the younger son Varun set off in pursuit of the invisible visitor while Devero remained behind to study the servants, some of whom showed signs of radiation poisoning.

The majority of SG7 tracked their quarry to the timberline and there Varun called out to someone who revealed himself – it was J’hata, the trader. Between J’hata and Varun the truth came out. J’hata had on his ship some Goa’uld technology that Daud wanted. J’hata also had a mechanic with him, Lannix, who had reconfigured a sarcophagus that could only be used by someone who had first worn a harness (that carried with it the danger of radiation exposure). Daud had killed Lannix and taken the harness, sarcophagus, and a staff weapon. J’hata, his ship partially disabled in the middle of Lannix’s maintenance efforts, managed to fly to the safety of a nearby valley, but had been stranded ever since. He had been spying on the stronghold and surviving as best he could ever since as he tried to finish ship repairs on his own. Varun explained that Daud had coerced the servants into helping him get the sarcophagus back to the stronghold and had hidden the harness in the village after seeing its detrimental effects on the servants who carried it. Daud, a rotten person to begin with, had become unstable and more dangerous after using the sarcophagus.

Devero, meanwhile, discovered which servant Daud had recruited to ferry the harness around and located the harness, too. After rigging the harness to claymores he gave the servant a placebo which would do nothing to save the unfortunate fellow from radiation poisoning.

The rest of the team returned to the stronghold to confront Daud and found him and Kamal upstairs shouting at each other. A fight ensued which eventually cost Daud his life. The team considered putting him in the sarcophagus, but Varun and Kamal agreed that it was to everyone’s betterment that they simply bury Daud and move on with their lives. The team did explain the cause of the ‘curse’ and proposed to use the sarcophagus to cure the exposed servants and villagers of radiation poisoning. They also agreed to help repair J’hata’s ship and J’hata, in thanks, gave them the gate address to a place he called “Tarsun’s Wheel”.

Session 5

After their 3-day walk through the undersea tunnel back to the mainland, SG7 found only Lizkar waiting for them back at the abandoned, underground ticket station. Huddled next to his portable heater, Lizkar explained that Hideo Matsuni and the other young revolutionaries had gone on to carry out their plans to restore the old power plant and bring electricity to the mainland. Lizkar, who felt bad about the trouble SG7 had gone to, offered them gifts he had constructed. For Sam and Clyde, the Khiritan had adapted the small personal shields used by the Goa’uld. For Jethro he had made a universal translator which could also be used as a limited aid in diplomatic endeavors (making him appear harmless to a target audience). He gave Devero a ribbon device (meant to be used for healing, though it might have more sinister applications) along with the warning that exceeding its limited use might backfire. For Gar’i he had constructed an amulet to dampen the Tok’ra’s naquadah sense to camouflage him from Jaf’fa.

Clyde’s diplomatic efforts were successful enough that Lizkar agreed he might contact the SGC in the future to potentially form an alliance with Earth. SG7 returned through the Stargate and Clyde took care to mention that Jordan Maxwell had made decisions most unbefitting a scientist and a member of the Stargate program. Before their next mission, SG7 met with Brandon Carriger, linguistic assistant to Dr. Jackson. Carriger explained that members of another team had overheard rumors from a villager on a recent mission that a pair of Jaf’fa were searching for a ‘group of Tauri travelling with an alien’. While Carriger stressed that this could be mere hearsay (or a possible reference to the erstwhile SG1 team, which also fit the description in the past), he wondered if perhaps the Jaf’fa who had once held Devero prisoner were hoping to recapture him. General Hammond, upon Carriger’s departure, pointed out that academics tend to worry more than necessary, and briefed the team on their next mission.

A MALP had detected inexplicable energy readings on P7G-559 which science team two had determined should not have technology. SG7 was assigned to investigate.

Upon arrival, the team discovered P7G-559’s gate was located on a forested hillside. Green, rocky, and rainy, the climate was rather like that of British Columbia. The team started down a game trail to a valley where cook fires were burning. Pursued by rats halfway down the trail, they found a village surrounding by a briar fence. The villagers welcomed them through the gate and picked off enough rodents to make a feast. After inviting SG7 to join them (invitation declined, though Devero did accept a skinned rat), the villagers explained that they had once lived in a nicer village near the stronghold but they had abandoned it after a curse fell upon their community. Worse, the same curse seemed to have driven “High Father Kamal” mad. Sorrowfully, the villagers described their old lives, where the High Father treated them kindly and let them farm the rich land around the stronghold.

The team proceeded to the abandoned village site where Devero (suspecting high levels of radiation, as the villagers’ descriptions of the “curse” sounded like radiation sickness) scanned for – and detected – moderately high levels of radiation. Gar’i took the scanning equipment and ventured to the northeast corner of the village where the radiation levels were higher. He discovered someone in the building where the signal grew strongest – said individual confronted him with a staff weapon but before hostilities could break out, a young man came running down the trail from the stronghold, beseeching SG7 not to harm his brother. The two young men turned out to be Kamal’s adult sons (Daud, the elder, and Varun, the younger). Though Daud was quite haughty with the visitors, Varun invited them to proceed to the stronghold to meet his father. The team accepted though Gar’i investigated the building Daud had just left, searching for a reason the structure was awash in radiation. He found nothing and Devero did not see any apparent signs of radiation sickness from the elder brother.

Session 4
Saru Island

Session 4

SG7 opted to go back underground rather than search the city ruins. They discovered a counter/booth with a sign that Jethro interpreted with an arrival and departure schedule for “Saru Island.” A bit of exploring also yielded an underground train tunnel (with tracks), restrooms, and a large room containing a cot, bedding, journals, and a metal device that Devero identified as a water recycler (and opted to empty and carry on his back for a while). Sam’s tracking efforts led them into the tunnel where they travelled for some time before discovering two individuals cowering behind a maintenance shed. One was Hideo Matsuni, a human native to Hidoma and the other was Lizkar, a Khiritan – a long-lived and advanced race thought to be driven to extinction by the Jaf’fa long ago. The Khiritan have incredible powers of suggestion and Lizkar, thanks to Gar’i levelling his staff at them, tried to convince SG7 that peril lay behind them. Clyde and Sam, tricked by this ruse, ran back up the tunnel (believing they had comrades to rescue).

Erag (Gar’i’s symbiote) took charge for a moment to explain to everyone who and what Lizkar was, in an effort to avoid misfortune. As the team reassembled, Hideo introduced himself and explained that he had met Jordan Maxwell, and had taken her through the tunnel to Saru Island, because the citizens there had technology and a pollution-free power plant to produce electricity. Maxwell was interested in the technology as it might benefit Earth (which was SG10’s original mission), but Hideo had not been able to remain as her escort because the city officials had banished him. Hideo wanted to restore the mainland’s power plant and bring electricity to the neighboring continent. City officials fear being overrun by their less advanced fellow Hidomans. Hideo left Jordan at the city gates and fled to escape arrest. No one on Saru Island – or the mainland – knows about Lizkar. The Khiritan came through the Stargate hoping to ‘retire’ from his life as a nomad/refugee where he might live out his final years in peace and, perhaps, aid the Hidomans.

Hideo offered SG7 the use of his vehicle, a battery-powered transport that could carry them the 75 miles through the undersea tunnel. Upon arriving at the city gate, they were greeted by a guard named Yatuka who asked them to leave their weapons holstered for a visit to the mayor. Gar’i’s staff weapon (appropriated from a dead Jaf’fa) had to remain with a junior guard, as it would be recognizable to the citizens and frightening to them. Devero traded a PSP to another guard (discreetly) for a radio. Then, Yatuka took them to city hall where they met mayor Toki Minama and, at last, found Jordan Maxwell. Despite Maxwell’s great interest in the Hidoman’s pollution-free technology, and her additional interest in Hideo’s desire to aid the continental people, the members of SG7 were determined to complete their rescue mission and depart. Mayor Minama’s isolationist attitude did nothing to aid Maxwell’s hopes. As the team was preparing to make their departure, shouts from the street called everyone’s attention.

The guard (to whom Devoro had given the PSP) came running in with a bloody nose and explained that young revolutionaries, friends of Hideo’s, had beaten him up, taken Gar’i’s staff weapon and disappeared into the tunnel. Yatuka demanded to know why the guard hadn’t radioed, a question the guard didn’t answer directly. The team, with Maxwell, returned to the city gate to discover their vehicle had been taken. Given a surly farewell by Yatuka, the team entered the tunnel to have the gate locked behind them. And then they started walking.

Session 3

SG7 pursued the missing members of SG10 to some ruins in the woods, northwest of the Stargate on Hidoma. After the team defeat one Jaf’fa, Devero was taken hostage by another Jaf’fa hiding in the darkness. Devero cleverly shot himself with a zat to hinder the assailant’s efforts and the rest of the team engaged in a lengthy fire exchange with the two remaining Jaf’fa. After killing two of the three Jaf’fa and pursuing the third (and Devero) to a lower level of the ruins, the team found the third Jaf’fa in an underground corridor. Gar’i, in the hopes of fooling the Jaf’fa, pretended to be a goa’uld. This ruse was helped along by Jethro and together they convinced the Jaf’fa to answer their questions. They learned that the Jaf’fa had heard something off in the other tunnels and that he worked for a goa’uld named Maust, but they couldn’t get anything else out of him. So, Gar’i killed him.

The team freed Lt. Anderson, Scout Letitia Vasquez, and Nobu and Ken’ichi. Nobu said that his people had old legends about some kind of creature living in these tunnels. But he knew nothing more and was eager to return to his village to check on his younger son. SG7 sent Lt. Anderson and Vasquez back to the Stargate (as Vasquez was injured) after learning from Anderson that they had last seen missing scientist Jordan Maxwell in the woods. Upon searching the woods, the team found human(oid) tracks leading north. After travelling for some time they found the edge of an abandoned town. The tracks stopped at a stairwell leading underground (though, whether their quarry went underground or across the pavement into the empty town is uncertain).

Session 2
Hidoma, part 1

SG7 is called to the planet Hidoma when the explorer (Maxine Hollingsworth) of SG10 reports that her team has gone missing. Hidoma, a planet whose population was of Japanese descent and once boasted technology to rival that of 21st century Earth, was attacked generations ago by Death Gliders that ‘dusted’ the planet with a bio-warfare agent. Over 90% of the population perished. Today, the remaining Hidomans live a largely nomadic existence, although there are a few small communities living in villages established in the ruins of once-major cities. Their stargate lies on the western-most edge of a sparsely populated continent. The nearest village lies several miles to the east. SG10 meant to do a cultural survey and technology study, but upon arrival, team leader Captain Walker was approached by a local (Watchman Nobu) who claimed to have seen gate activity in the previous week. Hollingsworth reports that SG10’s Scout (Letitia Vasquez) and soldier (1st Lt. Nick Anderson) went to investigate, following a trail to the northwest. Anderson radioed back a day later to request team scientist (Jordan Maxwell) but the radio signal was lost in mid-conversation. Captain Walker and Jordan Maxwell, along with the villager (Nobu) and his sons (Ken’ichi and Hiraku), went in search – Hollingsworth had had no contact since. SG7 requested a drone to get a better look at the landscape.

At that point, Hiraku returned, running up to SG7 in a panic, saying that a monster was trying to kill Capt. Walker. SG7 followed the child up to a bridge over a broad river, and fought off two large squids that had cornered Walker in the ruins of a riverside structure. Upon his rescue, Walker directed SG7 to the woods to the northwest. He said that Nobu and Maxwell had vanished while he was studying some unusual footprints on the forest trail. Ken’ichi had also vanished after going to look for his father. Hiraku, after bursting into tears when Devero said his father and brother were surely dead, was comforted by Jethro Riddick. Hiraku confided to Jethro that his grandfather used to tell stories of visitors who would stay in the temple ruins to the north.

The team sees the ruins on the drone’s images and go north. They get no other readings from the drone, and cannot detect any radio signals. Once at the ruins they fight a Jaffa, only to discover there are more hiding in the ruins.

Session 1
Dinner Plans

Opening session featured a trip to P99-667 where SG7 found themselves the seeming guests of honor at a banquet hosted by locals who were actually expecting a contingent of Jaffa following the re-activation of technology near this planet’s stargate. After successfully battling the Jaffa who arrived nearly on their heels, SG7 discovered technology hidden behind a gateroom wall – leftover by an earlier culture that manufactured nanites for a Goa’uld overlord. The current inhabitants live underground and do not use modern tech.

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