Jethro Riddick

Jamin's character.


Explorer, civilian specialist. Focus is translation. A versatile sportsman, enjoys hiking, climbing, and scuba diving. Skills reflect a varied and well-traveled lifestyle.


33 years old. Moved out of his family’s house in Virginia when he was 18 and spent the next 12 years going to college, exploring the world, and making a very successful living translating in several languages. Hobby/side job is scuba diving. After college he spent a few years working for the Peace Corps, which he found emotionally fulfilling, but also a little depressing: one man can’t hope to change the world alone, and there’s so much that needs changing. When he was recruited by Stargate Command he jumped on the opportunity. Exploration and excitement is sure to follow, and it’s not often when a person gets an opportunity to have such an impressive impact on the entire world. And frankly, he’s okay with the world not knowing of his accomplishments: full disclosure will come eventually, and he will be among the first in his generation to travel to other worlds. Plus, he’s not really concerned if his career suffers because of that. It’s not like he’s chained to the ivory towers of academia or anything. Right?

The last two years have been an exciting, and occasionally mundane and ordinary, time of service for the United States Air Force. It sure is a blessing to not have to salute anyone, as far as he’s concerned. He’s naive enough to trust the Tok’ra, and other offworlders, too.

Jethro Riddick

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