Stargate SG-1

Session 15

At Jessine and Mathis’ suggestion, SG7 flew to the nearby world, Hou Kainga. Along the way, Gar’i remembered seeing Sam walk away from Nyllum’s body. Since there was no technology to be found on the Goa’uld corpse, Gar’i thought Sam might have found something useful – in particular, a ribbon device – which would be useless to any but a Naquadah-sensitive individual. Gar’i sought out Sam to ask about the matter, but Sam insisted he found nothing whatsoever on the body. (This discussion went on at length and, at one point, Jethro observed Mathis eavesdropping on the two SG7 members.)

As they reached Hou Kainga, Jessine explained that the planet was 85% water and had some monstrously huge sea-creatures. As they flew in low over the water they could see a massive creature swimming near the surface. When they reached a landmass they spotted a village located within sight of the shore, but protected by a barrier of spears (positioned as if to fend off predators coming from the water). Gar’i, rather against Jessine’s advice, landed directly in the center of a small village, scattering panicked residents (whom Sam was quick to call ‘peasants’). Jethro and Mathis attempted to make peaceable introductions (Gar’i and Sam’s insults to the villagers’ simple-seeming culture did not exactly help) and finally the village elder agreed to speak with them if they would move the tel’tak parked amidst the village homes.

Once Gar’i moved the ship, the elder considered their request to be escorted to the planet’s stargate. (Jessine and Mathis had told SG7 that the gate was inside in inactive volcano, and difficult to reach by all accounts although neither of them had actually been there before. Selket used the world as a source of easily-mined Naquadah but, rather than take the trouble to enslave the small, local population, she sent crews via ship at regular intervals.) With an agreement reached, they flew to a large mountain sporting a deep crater. They left the ship at a switchback in a mountain trail, and the village elder started walking home without so much as a backward glance. Leaving it to Clyde to escort their Jaf’fa ‘guest’, the entire party started walking up the mountain, trusting that they would find the entrance to the lava tube that would eventually take them to the hidden stargate.

Midway up the trail an animal (some type of wild boar) was rooting around in the underbrush. Gar’i shot at it, prompting it to charge the group. In the ensuing fracas Sam slipped away (and found another suspicious ‘something’ in the woods to start tracking) and Mathis and Jessine started running back down the trail (perhaps in panic, but Devero was certain they were up to no good). Before long the crew managed to kill the boar, not knowing that Sam had followed his quarry some distance from the trail and had discovered it was not another boar, but some manner of human (or, at least, someone wearing boots).


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