Stargate SG-1

Session 16

Devero chased Mathis and Jessine down the trail but failed to tackle Mathis, despite his best efforts. When Devero shouted that they were going to steal the ship, Gar’i and Jethro started to join in the chase, but were interrupted by a stranger who stepped out into the trail, barring the way. The stranger tried to arrange a meeting between them and his employer, a bounty hunter named Kyan. Gar’i used the zat, rendering the stranger unconscious. Sam, meanwhile, doubled back at the sound of all the mayhem, rejoining Gar’i and Jethro as they started out again after Devero. They left Clyde to guard the prisoners.

Before anyone could catch up with Devero, he interrupted Jessine and Mathis who were, indeed, trying to take the ship. Mathis – inexplicably – told Devero that he was in danger and should leave with them. Playing along, Devero suggested the ship was booby trapped and volunteered to enter the vessel first. Instead, however, he keyed in a new security code, locking them all out of the ship. That task done, he started to run back up the trail to the relative safety of his teammates. Jessine threw a device after him that turned out to hold a recorded message.

Sam, Jethro and Gar’i had hardly rounded the first corner before they heard Clyde shouting. Abandoning Devero to whatever peril he faced, they returned to the site of their earlier misadventure to find two unconscious prisoners and no sign of Clyde other than drag marks left by his boots, and more prints that Sam identified as the same he’d seen earlier. They went in pursuit and Jethro thoughtfully left a staff weapon behind so that whichever of the prisoners came to first might kill the other. They went on to the tunnel entrance and then discovered the bounty hunter, Kyan, who was using Clyde as a hostage. Rather than negotiate, Gar’i shot Kyan (who tried to warn the others that Gar’i was actually the erstwhile system lord, Ares).

Devero, having happily discovered a staff weapon on the trail, caught up with the group and joined them in the tunnel. A wounded and defeated Kyan convinced Gar’i to let him go and left. The group encountered one more of Kyan’s employees, whom Devero distracted by throwing the recording device. The message played out for everyone to hear – a warning to Mathis, identifying Gar’i as, indeed, Ares, who had betrayed the Tok’ra and Tauri. The team dispatched the would-be bounty hunter without much fanfare, and proceeded to the stargate.

At long last back on Earth, the team was greeted by General Hammond (who promptly placed Clyde under arrest for assaulting a fellow officer, back before the jaunt to Lira-ke took place) and a Tok’ra named Ketera. Hammond and Ketera explained that while Gar’i was, in fact, Ares, he had not betrayed anyone. Another Tok’ra, Cordesh, had turned out to be the traitor and had sent Mathis the message which (lie that it was) spurred Mathis and Jessine to bolt. The Tok’ra, having arrested Cordesh, had to relocate, but had sent Ketera to assist the SGC. The computer malfunctions had resulted from nanites hitching a ride to the SCG, which had alerted Ottonis to Gar’i’s whereabouts. Ottonis had contacted Cordesh, and the two had plotted to turn Gar’i over to Kronos for the reward Kronos offered. Ketera explained that, with Kronos alerted to Gar’i’s whereabouts, that Kronos would pursue Gar’i all the way to Earth. Thought short-handed, the Tok’ra offered three of their operatives and a ship, along with a plan to use Gar’i as bait. The Tok’ra believe that the only safe course of action is to destroy Kronos before the old rivalry between him and Gar’i resumes.


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