Stargate SG-1

Session 17

With Clyde remaining at the SCG for psychiatric evaluation, the rest of SG7 went with the three Tok’ra, intending to draw out Kronos. As Ketera explained, they hoped to accomplish a risky goal – to infiltrate Kronos’ ship and either kill him outright or sabotage the vessel. The Tok’ra had two tel’taks for the mission, and after discussing their options agreed to let SG7 take the more battered of the two and pose as a band of would-be traders. Ketera and the other Tok’ra would take the better (cloak-capable) tel’tak and rescue the team if necessary.

Planning to make a request to present their ‘prisoner’ in person (in the hopes of meeting Kronos) SG7 rendezvoused with another small vessel. They docked with this ship and invited Kronos’ prime (Vanyar) aboard. Sam found a discreet place to wait and Jethro tied Gar’i’s hands in a way that looked secure, but wasn’t. Armed, Devero and Jethro waited to greet Vanyar who came aboard with a man named Berringer. Oddly, enough, Vanyar’s crew consisted not of Jaf’fa troops, but hired mercenaries. Jethro made an attempt to request an audience with Kronos, but it didn’t go well and he fired at Vanyar instead. With violence thus assured, Devero ran for the cockpit while Gar’i shook off his false bindings. After some exchange of fire between everyone in the cargo section, Devero started the engines in the hopes of shearing apart the two ships. After accomplishing that, he turned the tel’tak around and bashed the other vehicle.

Having crippled Vanyar’s ship, SG7 shot the prime until he collapsed and, after that, Berringer surrendered. With two hostages secured, the team questioned their prisoners and, after promising Berringer the tel’tak they were currently flying, secured the location of Kronos’ ship. SG7 had the three Tok’ra swap tel’taks with them and stay behind to watch the prisoners, and to guard Berringer’s (seeming crippled) vessel while they tackled the next stage of their mission.


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