Stargate SG-1

Session 18

The team travelled to the coordinates Berringer had given them and found Kronos’ ship. With the tel’tak cloaked, they used the ring transporter to go aboard the ha’tak. Once inside they found themselves in a spiral-shaped corridor that provided access to every level of the ship. They also met two Jaf’fa, killed them without delay, and relieved one of the corpses of its gauntlet (to control the rings later). Between their collective knowledge of Goa’uld vessels, SG7 surmised that they might be able to use the environmental control system to seal off areas of the ship and reduce the number of Jaf’fa they might face. Down a level, they found they control room they needed, but Devero wanted to first plant a claymore to fend off any approaching Jaf’fa. Unfortunately, it detonated as he tried to place it. The sound attracted three Jaf’fa straight away (one from the control room, two from down the corridor) and another fight ensued. After the team had battled two of the Jaf’fa, Gar’i used his imposing nature to question the third. Both Gar’i and Jethro impressed upon the remaining Jaf’fa that he should bow to Lord Ares, and it seemed to work. Devero tricked the ship’s systems into reacting as if to a series of hull breaches. He then used the gauntlet to open and the close the forcefields so the team could move about the vessel.

Before they left the control room, however, Gar’i asked Devero to search for a crew member named Ravek, whom he said was an undercover ash’rak of Nirrti’s in Kronos’ unwitting employ. They learned that Ravek was somewhere in the upper levels of the vessel. They went to the upper level where Gar’i again intimidated a Jaf’fa corridor guard. They learned that Kronos was on board and that Ravek was in a nearby lounge. They proceeded to the lounge, pressed two Jaf’fa there into taking their side, and fought with the ash’rak, dispensing entirely with pleasantries or diplomacy. Ravek, badly outnumbered, was quickly beaten but managed to produce a remote device which he activated. This appeared to activate a self-destruct sequence in the ha’tak and, although Devero took the device, the team had to make a run for it. (Jethro took a moment to knife Ravek, just to make sure he was dead.) They ran back to the transport rings, followed by Gar’i’s three new devotee Jaf’fa. All seven of them made it back to the tel’tak with, they guessed, five minutes to spare before detonation of Kronos’ ship.


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