Stargate SG-1

Session 19

While SG7 moved to a safe distance, they watched a tel’tak leave Kronos’ ship, followed by numerous death gliders, all taking up position away from the ha’tak. Planning to ring over to the tel’tak (under the presumption that Kronos himself would be aboard) they remained cloaked and headed for the contingent of ships. On their way over, they noticed yet another vessel decloaking. It was, while Goa’uld-looking in design, unlike any ship they’d ever seen. It approached the ha’tak and dispatched a smaller vessel, which went into one of the larger ship’s hangars. Leaving their three Jaf’fa devotees in charge (but with outgoing communications disabled) SG7 went over to the other tel’tak, arriving in the midst of four armed Jaf’fa. In the fight that ensued three Jaf’fa were killed and a fourth ran away. The team went through the vessel, encountering two more Jaf’fa, one which dropped his weapon and ran into the cockpit, locking the door behind him. Gar’i and Devero had, together, noticed enough of the door’s combination to open it. Once inside the fight began anew, with more Jaf’fa, and Kronos. While the battled went on for some time, SG7 eventually triumphed and, in a gruesome show of surgical expertise, Devero extracted the Goa’uld symbiote from its host. He put it in a holding jar with claymores attached. In the midst of the fracas Sam had noticed an incoming message. He intercepted the message and with Jethro’s help learned that the new arrival in the strange ship was none other than Selket, arriving to rescue Kronos’ ha’tak. Selket gave her assurances that the ship would be back in working order in two hours.

Eager to strike before Selket was prepared to welcome (and/or attack) Kronos, SG7 went to the ha’tak and landed in one of the hangars. They found the immediate level empty (aside from Ravek’s corpse) and went to the lower level, where they discovered only four people in the engineering room: Selket, a hired pilot, and the two human techs they had encountered previously. Interrupting their work on the ship’s systems, Gar’i tried to intimidate Selket and might have succeeded but just then Devero held up the jar containing Kronos and asked Selket if she’d like to join him. More violence erupted. After another round of fighting, SG7 killed the Goa’uld (or, rather, killed the host, allowing Devero to add to his growing symbiote collection). Selket’s pilot surrendered and talked up the uniqueness of the vessel she’d arrived in, explaining that she had barely escaped the rebellion on Lirake. Whereupon Gar’i proposed that he lay claim to the remnants of Kronos’ and Selket’s respective empires and use their amassed resources to fight the other system lords. Sam made off with an entire Goa’uld toolkit, complete with enough technology to guarantee him a promotion or two within the NID.


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